Friday, 3 March 2023


COOL WEATHER has set in, nice though.  low 20s, overcast skies,  swimming has been alternately in choppy seas where we mainly just rise and fall with the waves and gloriously still and clear when i've been able to practise my new swimming style which is noticeable improving my movement through the water   

And my new neoprene swimcap feels so warm and has a buoyancy that  supports my head when i'm floating.  all good.

I ATTENDED an interesting guided visit to the St Leonards Labyrinth, a brick lined path of concentric circles. Karen, a Uniting church minister, guided us through the way the use the labyrinth in a meditative way and afterwards i had a walk along the beach - first without, and then with the camera

YESTERDAY Gail and i swam with the Torquay Waders at 7.30. The water in the open sea is so different to the bayside swimming at Indented Head. we had a strong sideways undertow that had everyone laughing.  walking against that water was great exercise and the group of swimmers were very sunshiny and friendly

I STILL MISS THE RIVER but seeing these beautiful friends flying overhead is always an unexpected thrill - plenty of them here on the bellarine peninsula.

IT TOOK ABOUT SIX MONTHS for the first bird to venture into either of my birdbaths but now they all use them every day.  i wonder what it is that brings about the decision the this birdbath is OK ??

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