Sunday, 14 February 2021


 SUDDENLY on friday the vic government imposed a 5 day statewide severe lockdown due to the new British variant of Covid.  so all the business that restaurants, florists, weekenders etc would have had is gone in a flash.  I feel so sorry for so many people but it's necessary. I hope it doesn't extend, i'm not sure if i can still go to my hospital appointment. probably i can with a permit.  boy life has sure changed a lot in 12 months.   nothing can really be planned.

Life goes on here much as usual but this week has been exciting because i now have my new driveway.  two days of work and it's done, right up to the front gate.

The bungalow was demolished in october

the shed was taken down and clothesline moved in january

geoff went to work with the bobcat and roller and now i have a new garden area in the middle to sort out.  i'm laying some pavers thru the middle leading to the studio

i've mosaiced some pavers and
also have some plain ones

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