Monday, 27 April 2020


THIS PAST WEEK I have had one visit into town for some spotlight goodies - e.g.  a pompom maker, not really essential shopping but a treat to use, i've finished a beanie in soft brown alpaca for sunny with a lovely pompom on top.
Also finished the fairisle jacket for weebaby.   next i'm starting a jumper for great nephew jules, mid blue shetland with some fishbone fairisle, then a jacket for myself which is more of a major project.

No painting yet, although i'm going to do some utilitarian touching up around the house.  gotta get romeo and juliet done, the last spreads are all suicide, i'm having trouble making them work without it looking gruesome.   gothic is what we want, not gore :0)  maybe dark mood lighting would work

the garden's getting sorted, 
lots of weeding and
rearranging my pot plants,
it's looking good.

i had an exciting visitor the other day.  Nursing a throbbing tooth which has troubled me for months (even though i've been to the dentist)  i was on the couch watching telly and knitting when i glanced out the window to see a tortoise in the middle of the lawn.  a decent size, around large dinner plate, he made his way slowly across to the riverbank and half lumbered, half slid down the bank into the welcoming waters of the murray.

ANZAC DAY  no dawn service for the public, people went to the front driveways of their homes with candles, the occasional instrument to play reveille in the dark.  i was up at 5am making anzac biscuits and spent the morning delivering them to sam and di, sue and derek, and marg.  all at a distance - that's the most social day i've had since mid march.

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