Saturday, 2 November 2019


I'M HEADING OUT to the airport this morning to pick up sunny and luke for a long weekend.  after yesterday's duststorms i can
hear rain outside so i'm hoping we get a decent downpour.

The numbat - a very
cute animal.  i'm
getting familiar with
it because i have to
illustrate it for a new
fossey's gin label

the beautiful grey
shrike thrush - singing
while he has a bath.
they have the most
melodious song

The sweet little kingfisher is faithfully guarding the nesting
hollow.  i'm hoping the goanna doesn't discover it

it's the time for the
big crazy things
to come out in
the garden

a beautiful morning before a horrible brown dusty gusty day - the
worst thing about living here

I just pull the
curtains so i see
as little of this as
possible - this
morning i'll
have to mop
and dust again

this little fella
isn't worried
about the
dusty air

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