Wednesday, 9 October 2019


WE HAD a few hot days last week, in the 30's.   but the last couple of days have been cool and pleasant, perfect for pottering around tidying outside, watering, sorting out packing for japan, buying presents for everyone.  i'm pretty well done, just need to actually pack today and drive down to torquay tomorrow.

i've been enjoying the
studio and new fans

the kingfishers and bee eaters have returned this week for the summer and i can hear their 'chip chip chip' and brrrrr-ing all day, it's rare to see them close enough for a pic but the kingfisher was perched outside the studio yesterday.

I'VE BEEN SPENDING TIME going thru a USB stick of 1000's of photos from the pubs we went to in the late 60's.  Friend Frank gave it to me after getting negs of a photographer friend who'd died.  it's amazing to see people i remember from 50 years ago!!  and ron and i are in there, twice so far.
the knomes of obelia -
a band in geelong in
the 60's, i saw them
at queenscliff hotel
club called
Cucumber Castle :0)

friends of my brother-in-law don.  lead singer colin donnelly sadly died not long after this
CAN'T WAIT to see these guys on Saturday in Tokyo

garden pics 

in curlwaa,
i love the way
 the goats have eaten
 all the lower leaves
 and left this 
dripping cascade 
of oranges

LAKE HAWTHORN on the way to mildura this week


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