Saturday, 18 November 2017


YESTERDAY MORNING i was up very early, getting things ready for airbnb guests who were arriving in the afternoon. i had arisen at 4 to go to the loo and the toilet seat had just come off and fallen sideways!  their toilet seat! so i'd tried to go back to sleep but couldn't so after a couple of hours of lying awake trying to figure out how to fix it i strolled out to look around the damp garden after all the rain.   i came around a bush and looked up to see this big buggar happily grazing.  he looked up at me, i say hullo and watched him for a minute.  then scurried in for the camera, came out again and got some shots.   the one of him standing was later after i returned to the verandah and made a few sounds to get his attention.   it wasn't until i looked at my pics that i realised how big and muscular his was.  :0| 

the arnie of kangaroos!

the toilet seat, you ask?   plumber said he'd come at 8, i didn't know what time the guests were arriving, had sent a message but no reply.
8,9,10,12 - finally i rang and poor steve and his son were up to their waists in mud doing a big urgent job.  finally he came at 4!   luckily my guests didn't arrive till about 7 - here for the return of Mungo man.   a day wasted for me - i got nothing much done, but all good in the end  

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