Saturday, 2 September 2017


A FEW PRODUCTIVE DAYS  after feel overloaded with too many things to do in too many directions things are slowly falling into place. i'm getting my thoughts together for the 6 days of illustration workshops in the grampians next week, started another illustration for Jackie's book.  it's in oils using pics i took when i was at trinity beach and it's working.   i can tell right from the start  :0)  that's always a good feeling so i can go off to a friend's bbq today and relax.

YESTERDAY - restocked the bookshelf at Artback cafe and signed all copies.  great to thing that Swan Lake will soon be there too :0)   end of next month

as i sit here in bed at 6.50 i can see the sky turning pink, must jump up and get a few shots, i bet it's gorgeous in the east - 

back again, a bit late for a great sunrise but it's weirdly calm, i think it will be a warm slightly strange day.

here are pics i took before sunrise - the butcher birds were having the most melodic threeway conversation while i was out there, they have to have the most beautiful voices of all birds.

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  1. Anne, your oil sketch is brilliant! I love it!! Faaantastic! I look forward to your new book. Cheers, Sadami


thanks for all comments - great to get feedback