Sunday, 19 August 2012


I'm about to start a whole new life.  I've always lived in cities, most recently 11 years in a  melbourne apartment on a six lane highway.   In three weeks i'm moving up to the sunraysia district to live on the murray/darling junction.  this will be a record of my first year on the river.

My year started with a flood - on the second floor.  my apartment was completely flooded when the bath overflowed and the floor had to be replaced. packing up the whole apartment was going to be a big inconvenience i thought - but there was no hurry to have it done.

hanging work in my show 'the unknown wearer' with
robert watson in the art vault white gallery
then i spent three weeks at the wonderful art vault  in mildura.  I had an exhibition to hang and my daughter sunny came up with me for five days to help me set up. 

we spent the days having lunch, wandering around the murray, trying the local wines and on the last day sunny said she'd like to go and see where the murray and darling rivers meet.

that was the beginning of it all - a huge change in my life.  after visiting the spot where the rivers merge, i spotted a 'for sale' sign at the end of the road.   an amazing location on the river with views of the murray/darling junction and the loch.

two days later i went back with the agent to see the house and that was it! I fell in love - the buildings, the land, the incredible location, huge trees . . . and that river!  i knew i was going to live there.

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