Tuesday, 26 November 2019


I CAN'T BELIEVE it's twelve days since i wrote on the blog and the weather is disgusting again.   days and days of dust, it's on everything, outside is air is brown and it's in my nose, throat and eyes.

this gorgeous kanga and her joey kept me occupied for an hour as they lounged around the lawn on a balmy evening.

a very young butcher
bird and unfortunate
the kingfisher on the wire outside my bedroom

in between the dusty
days, the jacarandas
are looking
magnificent along
wentworth's streets

LAST WEEK the weather report was code red for the first time ever right across the mallee.   it  said that we can't guarantee firefighters
in the area will be able to control fires in these high winds and temperatures so i actually packed up the car with essentials and went to the mildura cinema all day.  after the first movie this is what it looked like outside

a new innovation
- we can now have
a glass of wine
at the movies

That night - dust settled and a beautiful sunset but the dust is back

I'm still working on self portraits plus portraits on sunny and rene

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