Monday, 9 December 2019


to lots of visitors, animal and human

birchip bakery 
vanilla slice for
the journey home  

the sunset really turned it on for me 
when i arrived back

Aileen and Max - two days of reminiscing about school days and dances with max quietly washing dishes, cleaning up, cooking, he's a gem :0)   great to have so much time with them both.

we had lunch in the sun, went to the movies, bbq on the deck, talk over brekky :0)   lovely!

Martin's back for his annual residency at the Art Vault, he and trish came out for lunch yesterday, great to see him and get to know Trish better
the goanna decided
to make an appearance
about 20 minutes after
martin's car drove out
the gate
                                 polishing off the delicious
                                 ginger cake aileen made
i love this little friarbird, i hadn't seen them before i moved here


bought this very cute plant pot for
vicki as a thank you for many stays
NOT MUCH WIFI on a week away.  I drove down to melbourne on nov 28 for a fabulous, energy packed weekend of drawing at the Melbourne Art Room in Footscray.  i stayed three nights with vicki.

 We had a full saturday of being filled to the brim with insights into the drawing practice of Godwin Bradbeer, John Wolseley, Jo Lane, Nic Plowman, Cameron Robbins and Gosia Wdolsarckz (i just made that up from memory, sorry gosia)
we were saturated and exhausted and inspired by the end of the day and collapsed with takeaways.

SUNDAY was literally drawing all day, transcribing  black and white photocopies (cut into 1" squares) up to around 70x70cm black pastel and charcoal.  as each square was finished they were assembled on the wall in numbered order and gradually our individual abstract drawings joined to become a huge copy of a masterpiece. very exhausting (again) and terrific.  it was a great day and we were covered in black from head to foot :0)
copying this tiny section onto a large
square sheet of paper

                                  black pastel everywhere!!

assembling the individual drawings

a well earned cocktail
 Monday travelled to Geelong and stayed with denise. we headed into town tuesday for lunch at Ceruggia (?) and visited Chris Taranto in his new place the Continental (out of hours)

DOWN TO TORQUAY wednesday to stay with Jen Dalton in jan juc, a nice night at home, scrabble and drinks  :0)   then a walk along the beach with sister jen and mockie thursday before heading to the grampians on the way home.

               a nice walk along Spring Creek from jen's to jen's

a walk around helen's garden

couldn't believe this shot of the pardalote.  it's amazing to watch it flying straight into this small hold (about 20c size) 

ERNIE'S BACK digging up the lawn at a rate of knots!!  very cute though so he's forgiven
 the willy wagtail has a nest outside the loungeroom window

 a new acquisition, a painting of helen's, bottom centre. 
CHRISTMAS - fun decorating the tree the last couple of days, dear friends aileen and max were here friday for two days and martin and trish came for lunch yesterday.  it's going to be 43 today so i'm off to the movies this afternoon.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019


I CAN'T BELIEVE it's twelve days since i wrote on the blog and the weather is disgusting again.   days and days of dust, it's on everything, outside is air is brown and it's in my nose, throat and eyes.

this gorgeous kanga and her joey kept me occupied for an hour as they lounged around the lawn on a balmy evening.

a very young butcher
bird and unfortunate
the kingfisher on the wire outside my bedroom

in between the dusty
days, the jacarandas
are looking
magnificent along
wentworth's streets

LAST WEEK the weather report was code red for the first time ever right across the mallee.   it  said that we can't guarantee firefighters
in the area will be able to control fires in these high winds and temperatures so i actually packed up the car with essentials and went to the mildura cinema all day.  after the first movie this is what it looked like outside

a new innovation
- we can now have
a glass of wine
at the movies

That night - dust settled and a beautiful sunset but the dust is back

I'm still working on self portraits plus portraits on sunny and rene