Sunday, 13 September 2020


VERY TIRING  that's all i can say about hobbling around in a moon boot.     i seem to be only able to do a couple of things a day without being bombed out.  lots of sitting with my foot up knitting.   a bit of sweeping,  a bit of raking and yesterday i weeded a garden bed. this morning i'm almost limping from all that sitting and leaning over.   grrrrr!!  i'm a bit sick of it.

now the irises are all in one spot with rhizomes exposed i'm hoping for a good season of flowers  - weeding done!

spring has sprung

lots of birdie flirting going on all around the garden

this special visitor popped out onto the lawn yesterday, it's the second time i've seen him or her in a couple of months. she's quite big,
the shell is about the size of a large serving platter

this week i've photographed all marg's knitted owls for her annual calendar.   i really meant to do a calendar of bird photos but i can't  be bothered. maybe next year

    I found photos on this blog of gail on her visit here in 2013, one          year after i moved here.

Etta is growing and just look at her little face, full of attention and connection, she obviously loves her dad already :0) 

and she's discovered her tongue :0)

Thursday, 3 September 2020

 I'M VERY PLEASED to see that Etta has inherited the expressive eyebrow :0)


A VISIT TO THE HOSPITAL - Di took me in, she's been a huge help. i have to keep the bloody boot on for 5 more weeks, but i feel more confident now having see the doc.   still, i'll be limited for a while yet.  on the positive side i've finished the back and most of the front of my new red jumper  :0)  i've been enjoying getting totally involved, all those different cables require some attention.  

I'M BRUSHING UP on my indonesian using the Duolingo app. it's good but i'm getting frustrated. i don't seem to be able to get far, i entered at intermediate level but it feels very basic and repetitive. i wonder if i can jump some stages.   still it's good to reacquaint myself with the vocab. 

PLENTY TO DO - it's been warm, i might venture out into the garden.    I can take the boot off, sit on my stool and weed the iris garden.

the freesias are just gorgeous

Sunday, 30 August 2020


 IT WAS SUNDAY last week at 3 a.m. that i broke a small bone in my foot, i've tried to avoid much time up and about, the moon boot is really awful and it's easier to use a walking stick and put my weight on my other foot.  two days till i have an xray.  i've been getting off the bed or couch as little as possible so here's hoping there's improvement.

In the meantime sunny's sent lots of wonderful pics of etta, everything is settling into a pattern and life is as normal as it can be there considering the stage 4 lockdown and 8pm curfew.   More than halfway through the 6 weeks of restrictions and daily COVID numbers have come down from 700+ to under 100 so the mandatory mask wearing, limited travel for essentials and no visitors rules are having an effect.  

little sweetpea's loving her bouncer,  more animated by the day

Spending so much time in and on the bed during the day with my foot up, i'm appreciating the view out the window of the garden and river and the endless array of birds in spring fever mode - parrots, kookaburras, various honeyeaters, willy wagtails, kites, crested pigeons and of course every now and then, a pelican overhead.

And right in front of me, these gorgeous freesias perfuming my room

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

LATEST ETTA PICS   she'll be 10 weeks old tomorrow and has made the transformation from tiny newborn to bouncing baby :0)   alert, focussed, active and gorgeous 

RENE and family have been spending weekends at the beach. the summer oppressive heat and rain have passed and it looks like the weather is perfect.  they all look pretty perfect too  💞

Mara's grown so much taller, gorgeous girl

    Cal's lost about six front teeth, some new ones are coming in now

well, on sunday at 3 a.m after throwing a log into the fire, i turned around at the top of the steps to go back and turn up the air, missed the bottom step and stood straight on my bare heel.   crack!  so i'm in a moon boot for the next six weeks.  next appointment in a week to check progress so i'll be feet up as much as possible till then

     MORE ETTA PICS  - she reminds me of my niece claire as a baby

   Sewing dresses for Mara - fun.   i'm not sure about using the       machine pedal with a moon boot, might have to slip it off

   another jumper for me.  guess it'll be scooting along now

Monday, 17 August 2020


 I'VE WATCHED THESE TERNS every year, they come over the colder months to fish around the lock and further down the river, flying back and forth and plummeting into the water for fish.   i never realised what spectacular birds they are until i saw a large flock of them resting on the lawns out the front of the Wentworth Rowing Club on the Darling River.  

i was told that they were there when an old man pulled up in his car as i crossed the roundabout, he just sat there in the middle of the road while he told me about the Caspian terns on the Darling, somehow he knew i was the 'lassie' who took the bird pics that appear in the Wentworth Standard each week.  they're really popular so i guess i have to keep on sending them :0)