Wednesday, 19 September 2018


AFTER MISSING OUT on the week of workshops i had planned as part of the great Grampians Brushes week, i had a very quiet week at home catching up on computer stuff and knitting, sewing and couch based stuff.  i'm glad i did stay home in bed because i didn't end up with any awful chest infections etc.    a sinusy head and low energy was my lot, couldn't think straight but i got over it and headed down on sunday for helen's 70th.  great to see chris, sam and jaime, claire, mal and jules.  and the weather was kind so i got to have a good long walk to the lake and get some pics of gorgeous birds and the canola fields.  back home now and getting a grant application together, working on my print for the print workshop and finishing an illustration for a law firm. 

did a bit of pushing tables around in the studio today, rejigging the layout - and richard arrived about an hour after i got home last night from a day on the sunraysia highway - with my new sink on its stand.   :0)   beeeuudiful!

i had time to retouch this favourite old family photo, l to r: auntie myra, grandma anne, daddy, uncle jim, auntie edna, uncle tal and grandpa george

i finished off this
jumper, the second
version of an old
vogue pattern.

heading off along the Sunraysia highway, gorgeous silos
 Got to Helen's around 12.30 for lunch with the family :0)


morning walk

Tuesday, 11 September 2018


JUST BEFORE I GOT SICK donnie and peter had a lovely day down at Wangumma,their beautiful historic house on the billabong near lock 8.
about 30 people for a barbecue on a perfect sunny day

sam and di drove me
down and we assembled
tastefully presented
treats at their house on
the river next to
wangumma. note my
bloodsoaked thumb inside that protective glove, the
knife was razor sharp

 donnie has an
artist's eye and
wangumma is
filled with
visual treats and
natural textures

and birds :0)

                            donnie, son tom and peter


OH DEAR i was all set last week to head off to Halls Gap for a week of workshops, two days on illustration and four days of various printmaking techniques.  took all day to pack all the things i needed to take including my electric copper, then in the evening i realised i was getting a lurgy.  in short i've spent the past week pretty well on the couch or in bed and i think i've warded it off.  NQR this morning but definitely on the mend. so i got a lot of things done that i've been meaning to do for ages, computer stuff, knitting, sewing and binge watching netflix :0)

spent quite a lot of
time googling stuff too,
old photos of kids - i think
i'll do a new batch of
monoprints.  and retouching
our family photo of my
father with his brothers
and sisters and parents.
father Don in his big boy suit, left Myra, mother Anne (deceased and stripped into
the studio photo, she was facing out of the picture so i've turned her around) uncle Jim in shining ringlets, auntie Edna, uncle Tal and grandpa George.  his wife would have been gone only a year or so.

beautiful freesias brought by visitors last week, they're lasting well
 finished my jumper

 i foolishly knitted this jumper in acrylic a few years back and of course lived to regret it.
so i've reknitted it in lovely bendigo wool

first outing for a week, off to the movies to see The Merger.  actor john howard and the cast and producers have personally worked their butts off getting this movie out. john and some cast members came for Q&A on sunday, a funny film and a good night.   i always love seeing these
tall delicate
palms when i
go to the cinema

Sunday, 2 September 2018


SECOND DAY OF SPRING and i'm off to donnie and peter's lovely house on the billabong at wongumma - lunch to celebrate and mourn it's sale, i can't imagine peter without his weekly trips there to look after the trees and plant more
i love to wake up to see a houseboat gliding by 
my wonderful paper soaking sink has arrived, richard lambe is going to use the square metal poles that formed the framework of the old garage doors and will make a stand for it

 We've posted off five lamb jumpers to the Coonabarabran Times, everyone seems to be making them and i got the pattern published in the Wentworth Standard

I'm drawing this building for Maloney Anderson solicitors, they want to print it on some calico bags to give away at field days i think.  i'll add some wash and colour, there's a nice wintry bare tree to be added too

pink in the morning shepherd's warning

a visit to Sacred Heart p.s. in Mildura, a chaotic noisy day, i was
exhausted when i got home :0) but happy too because i'd just picked up my lovely sink from craig, who's always up for a good chinway

IT'S BEEN RAINING a bit this week, enough to make everything feel damp and settle the dust, it's divine.  and so lovely to see heavy grey cloudy skies