Thursday, 23 June 2022


WELL, AFTER SUSAN AND SEAN'S VISIT i had jen and rob come from thurs to sunday the following weekend.  

We started off with a morning walk on the island in perfect weather

in front of one of the huge old redgums that came down after the
fire on the island about eighteen months ago

We repotted and loaded up most of the remaining large plants and pots into their station wagon.  also carried out some larger items of furniture i couldn't manage, things to get rid of.

Bill Wheeldon came with his ute and trailer to look over what i had to give away and insisted on paying a small price for everything he took.  he brought his 'buying book' and listed everything. 

      missed getting a photo of the full load driving out the gate - magnificent!!

 all fine so bill and rob set to loading up and i joined jenny where she was doing what she does best, lighting a fire.  we burned the old rotting cane chairs that have starred in so many sunrise photos. they made another fine photo as they became a brilliant inferno - a conflagration :0)

When we checked on the boys they'd completely loaded up the ute and trailer to the gunnels, bill took EVERYTHING except one sad white plastic chair and the futon.  $200 cash - i would've paid him to take it.  

jen, rob and i sat around the fire and burned the rest of the junk then heaped up the coals for a bbq tea.  the weather's been perfect, chilly nights and clear sunny days, no wind at all.   We stayed till after dark, a lovely night and a very satisfying day.

GONE - my last visitors from down south until sunny comes to accompany me on the drive down to indented head.

that was a great visit :0)

not impressed! the white faced heron
minus his elegant neck and beak

All the young pelicans are gathering down at the fallen trees and feeding in a beautifully balletic display of syncronised swimming.  watching them every day this week i'm amazed at the way they perform everything in unison.

almost finished etta's colourful jacket and now will knit a matching hat, knitting is a wonderful way to unwind after days of still packing, cleaning, chucking and just getting my head around what else needs doing.

 A BEAUTIFUL FULL MOON - the last i'll see from here.  talking to sister jen yesterday she said it had been a super moon, huge and golden as it rose from the horizon.  i missed that and only saw it higher, still beautiful and reflected in the water at the lock

beautiful western sky as well

I CALLED INTO ARTS MILDURA's new space in Langtree Ave and the lovely sonja showed me around. the space is great and i'm so pleased to see all my unwanted furniture put to such good use

Sunday, 12 June 2022


BOXES BOXES EVERYWHERE!!  Susan and Sean are here, we've been beavering away since they got here on thursday afternoon and it's been great.  they've bubble wrapped almost all the work on the walls and in the studio, got down all the things from cupboards and shelves that are high up to save my shoulder some work.  filled up the back of the spacious van with stacks of my biggest plants and pots and been great company at the same time.   it's sunday morning now, they'll be leaving before lunch with an overnight stay in St Arnaud in the way home.

when i got home from the post office on thursday morning i found this huge round loaf of beautiful fresh sourdough bread left by glenis in thanks for the lemons i had given her.  it was absolutely superb and perfect with the vege/lamb soup i'd made for dinner


  sonja came out with her friend dean and they've taken a lot of furniture from the airbnb and the big solid tables and sheets of glass  to set up the print studio in mildura.  Arts Mildura now has the etching press from the Art Vault and now it's all set up with my furniture in the old Ishka building.  feels good to leave it there.  

as i cleaned up susan and sean's room after moving out all the furniture for sonja and dean, there were delights by the shovel load behind it all.  eek!!

all the white furniture is now in the arts mildura print studio - it'll be great for Mildura to have this access to printmaking again. 

these solid old tables are so much more useful here.  i can make do with folding tables with my sheets of super thick pool glass on top

Sean's cleaned up the whole carport and put all the unwanted outdoor furniture and shelving in one big group to give away or take to the tip.   I feel i can manage now - it's three weeks till sunny gets here for the weekend before monday's move on july 4.  cupboards are mostly empty except the kitchen, the studio is half gone. 

Last night we made the most of the sunset, sat out until dark under a very 
starry sky

Monday, 30 May 2022


IT'S OBVIOUS I'M BUSY - no blogging for three weeks!!  but many many many boxes packed, cupboards emptied, carloads of stuff taken to the op shop, wheelie bins full of rubbish!! 

a few pics, i've been walking and taking photos with my daggy old camera because my current one is stuffed.  i have a new updated version on order, can't wait to have just a bit more zoom.

birds have returned in huge numbers, after months away the pelicans have been coming up the river in huge V's of around 20 - 30 birds in a squadron, one day i counted 76!

at present i have four beautiful great egrets and four white faced herons all congregating on the fallen trees at the bottom of my riverbank.

It's vibrant autumn, last day today but the colour is still around. it's 9 in the morning and i'm still in bed listening to gusty wind outside, i know it's grey and cold and i guess all the last vivid leaves will be blowing around the yard.

more packing today - i have emptied almost all the cupboards apart from the kitchen and my bedroom.  now to get rid of a whole lot of furniture, quite a lot going to the new print studio Arts Mildura has set up in the old Ishka building in mildura.  great that there'll be that facility now that the Art Vault is no more.  It's now the offices of my solicitor Maloney Anderson, sob!

the tiny weebill, rarely photographed 

because they stay high up in the treetops 

and are only about 9cm long

a foggy morning this week

i'm currently
 knitting a bolder brighter version of this fairisle jacket
 for Etta, i'm looking at this pic often as reference and
 can't help an audible chuckle every time. so
 much attitude in that little package



Sunday, 8 May 2022



ALL IS WELL!!!   My house is sold, Indented Head is mine!.  thank Christ!! now i can let my muscles relax and my mind clear.  what a harrowing few weeks it's been.  Now the enjoyable time of planning and sorting and packing and looking forward to a whole new phase of my life.

It's going to be so sad to leave this house and the river, i've loved it so much.  i'll just have to make the best use of it in the next two months.  starting with a barbie maybe next saturday afternoon.


IT'S BEEN A MONTH of waiting bit by bit for my purchaser to get finance approved.  I feel like i'm being played, and not kept informed either.  All very unsatisfactory and very stressful.  Today is yet another deadline, 4 pm  then maybe they'll ask for more time, maybe not.

I'm ready to toss it in, it's affecting my sleep and enjoyment of day to day life here.   another valuer came yesterday so who knows how long it takes for that valuation to reach the potential lender.  in the meantime i'm having to do the same to the poor indented head folk i want to buy from.  It's not fair.

On the positive side I've just had a lovely trip down south though, for Janet's 70th birthday and to catch up with sunny, luke and the adorable etta. Sunny road 145km in the Otway Classic last Saturday.  I'm so proud of her, she's really dedicated and keeping herself so fit and healthy.   We had good time at the beach and met up with jenny and freddie.

i had jen and rob's house for the days i was there - great to have my own space while sunny luke and etta stayed at gail's nearby.  All spoiled somewhat by my constant wondering what's happening with the house - i would have like to drive down to indented head to look at the house again but what's the point - it may never happen.



TORQUAY on a cool autumn day

Tuesday, 26 April 2022


WHAT A LOVELY FOUR DAYS - sunny, luke and etta arrived on friday.    After an unexpected overnight visit from alan and meryl on their way to WA.  they stayed to meet etta and headed off.   i'm glad they got in a last visit even though i was completely out of it, having put an offer on a house just before i left torquay and then driving all day to get home with only a day to catch my breath.

ETTA is just a little dream
at an age where she's repeating everything we say in her own special way, busy all day exploring, playing, climbing - a highlight was putting out the 
bin, she loves a wheelie bin and i have such a long driveway :0)

i loved having etta climb up onto my bed in the
mornings for some quiet time with sunny and me


Lovely to have sunny here for four days too, we all had a relaxing weekend, luke and i both cooking.  We had a trip to perry sandhills, in to mildura to the markets, and of course the easter event in wenty, junction junk day.  sunny got a wonderful big plant, i think it's an elephant's ear. i got a funny old knitting book full of 1940's tea cosies.

etta loves a puddle

Wenty has the regatta every easter, we spent some time on the lawn watching the races

ah, the scary
Wenty easter
rabbit, always
lounging out
the front of 
the bakery

PERRY SANDHILLS, always a wonderful place 
to spend time

The day after sunny, luke and etta headed off it rained - all day and the next, beautiful soaking rain.  It washes old leaf litter into the river and causes this strange foam to appear.   It's been great this week to welcome back first one then two pelicans.  With Lake Eyre filling up and exploding into life they've choofed off up there for the past few months.  I hope they're all back soon, it feels half empty without them.