Monday, 10 December 2018


I LEFT ON THE 4th for a trip down south for various xmas catchups.  i don't have many pics - for some reason i seem to be leaving my camera at home for social things, just a few photos of the trip up and down.

 the morning i was leaving
this was what i saw from
the loungeroom window
as i opened the

travelling down . . .  i love these shimmering horizons on the way

 at the grampians, masses of corellas, clouds of them
    a lovely dinner with don and jen and art and a walk in the        morning to lake lonsdale
 on the way back

travelling on to melbourne - clouds like angels sweeping in for christmas  :0)
Had a good catchup with publishing buddies at Allen&Unwin xmas party, stayed with vicki for a quieter time (welcome) then down to geelong to see susan and jenny for lunch - a lovely time on the bay and cancelled xmas party at APW - too much travel, a horrible dusty hot day and fires at little river - i was so grateful to stay and have a lovely lay day and a swim at torquay with gail and her family - just delightful.  then denise's xmas bash on saturday.  the boys got out of hand  :-O

home now after a long day on the road but time to stop at lake hawthorne to watch the red necked avocets feeding - i'm very happy to be back, love a trip to the city but love being home more :0)

Monday, 3 December 2018


IT'S BEEN A WEEK of just 'being'.    watering, planting, painting,
morning walks, crosswords, watching birds ... things i like to do in a unhurried way.

how nice to stretch a canvas again after so many years

got the sink plumbed, so now i have my paper soaking sink in the studio functioning and emptying into a bowl outside to water plants.
ceiling fans ordered for the studio too :0)
Birds are nesting - but in places i can't photograph, i can just see the busy to-ing and fro-ing at the claret ash,  a little friarbird and spiny cheeked honeyeaters feeding their young.
 This weekend was our open house at the Makers premises down the road, we had an exhibition and mini workshops all weekend and it was terrific. so many people came and the hall was buzzing with voices and people doing things. 
 i love
take on our
bee eater
logo, made
from old
meryl hale and jane baseley -  and my photos

marg's crazy cockie tea cosies, she's up to 14 species
already and no sign of stopping :0)

my effort - a piece of chrysophase wrapped in silver.
i'll make it into a brooch


morning walk today, darter on the golfcourse and 
fabulous annual display of cactus flowers in town

Saturday, 24 November 2018


NOTHING SPECIAL happening here, i handed out how to vote cards on monday and thursday,   36 deg on mon and a duststorm all day on thursday, incredible dirty winds and muddy spattery rain.  crazy weather.
just moochin' around, feeling flat some days, gardening, waiting waiting for my canvas and stretchers to arrive, australia post doing its usual half arsed job.
the rainbow bee eaters and kingfishers are here, up in the tree
overhead as i do the gardening. and today a gorgeous butterfly has been in the backyard all afternoon having a lovely time :0)

 the grandies are as cute as ever
    pretty rose from the garden, not sure what it is

peaceful dover - first one i've seen in my garden
 the disgusting dusty windy day on thursday

     with helen healy  - pre-polling

    in the garden today