Saturday, 17 October 2015


I HAVEN'T BEEN using the camera the last few days because i stepped back off the stairs and twisted my ankle quite badly. spent the first day on the couch icing and compressing, resting and elevating. yesterday i picked up sunny at the airport for a four day stay - driving's fine.  before that i got into the doc for an xray and it's possibly a fracture in my foot. i can't do anything and after hobbling around town to rent crutches and make these visits the crutches are really hurting my shoulder, i think i've given myself quite a good
shake-up.   lesson to be learned, don't put your ikea flatpack together at the top of the stairs :0(

can't even make a cuppa and take it anywhere, thank goodness for sunny.  it's hard to be on crutches and carry anything,  and i'm not sure if i'll make it to japan in november.  

looks like cal has inherited the bug

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