Sunday, 11 October 2015


AN EARLY DAY - i thought it was going to be really hot so i got up at 7 and printed till 11. got an edition of 16 done!   

this is one of the little
buggars who's been
pooing all over the
studio.   no more, i'm
keeping them out!
sorry guys, you'll
have to build a nest
somewhere else

the sky over the studio yesterday - only a few drops of rain though
and steele scadding (my lawnmower man) arrived with his son to install my sliding door - surprising early but they were defeated by the size of the cavity, no doors available so they've had to order one and go home for the day.  but i'm happy, at least it's getting done and my new airbnb room will be able to get up and running in a week or two

LAST NIGHT was artback barrista luke's Great Shave event,  i was official photographer and it was a very funny night, much laughing :0)


luke's mum copped it!

he's incorrigible

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