Sunday, 12 October 2014


IT'S SUNDAY NIGHT - alarm is set for 2.15a.m.  what fun.
it's been a lovely three days in melbourne, a night with chris and ian then two nights in south melbourne with vicki, then back to northcote at chris and ian's.  
Vicki and I did the 'clean up the bay' on saturday morning, meeting a whole lot of locals down on south melbourne beach and picking little bits of plastic and rubbish out of the sand for an hour. it was a meditative thing to do, and a walk along the beach in perfect sunshine was a pretty good way to start the day.  we've spent the last two days op shopping, having lunch, getting last minute things organised (like picking up my passport) and now i'm ready to go. just have to get to sleep

it's amazing how much you can accumulate in one hour just picking up tiny bits of plastic, all things that can get stuck in a bird's or sea animal's stomach

    we rewarded ourselves at the end of the day with a visit to the rooftop bar at the Brighton Baths - still Melbourne's best kept secret, not another soul there :0)

picked up some of my artwork in bridport street, this is a fabulous building

                       about 6 a.m. at vicki's in south melbourne

good old melbourne, still looking good

I visited my favorite bank to get some yen at the foreign exchange, a tradition for me.  i love this building in collins street.  but they've moved the exchange to a crummy branch further down :0|

    I still can't figure out what this fabulous room is doing in the bank, but i love it.

    Over to chris murphy's - little sappho is a new addition to the family, a sweet lovely little dog

    pics from the bus trip down, wonderful skies and terrible upholstery, where do bus companies go
    to find these awful fabrics??

   Melbourne, in the city and fitzroy

got to chris's thursday off the bus and tram to find no one home - but chris appeared in about 10 minutes - taken the dogs for a walk

I dropped into 
Mario's to get an
idea of the wall
space for my 
show, it's just
Vicki and I dropped into the print workshop for their print fair  -  the place was buzzing and i caught up with martin, deborah klein, kyoko and a whole lot of other printmaking people i haven't see for ages, also libby  -  libby, vicki and i finished the day at the enoteca for a drink and now i have to go to sleep for maybe 4 hours if i'm lucky, then i'm off to the airport :)

bad pic of martin caught mid sentence, but a nice shot of the print workshop in situ in gertrude st     the old press looks great set up in the window, they should leave it there.

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