Wednesday, 5 March 2014


I realised how many people i've got to know when i looked around the gallery on sunday.  in the middle now of sitting with the exhibition, it'll close sunday after my artist's talk saturday.  Chris murphy and partner ian will be here for the weekend, riding their bikes up (motobikes that is)

flapping those hands around again
 friend ruth in the middle, marie on the right makes great cakes for artback

jeanette, historian in wentworth

left, krystal - she's leaving the art vault and i'm starting a day a week there next wednesday

 steve from artback on the right

 local artists marg whyte,  heather lee from the mildura arts centre wrote the article about me in the mildura living magazine.
i think this is actually in the APW show, and sold.  i like it, will have to do more, and bigger

paul lambeth is the director of arts mildura, he's so busy being everywhere this week i was really pleased he made it out to wenty

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