Tuesday, 11 March 2014


BACK TO WORK here - chris and ian headed off on sunday morning and i've finished sitting in at the gallery.  i'll go and pack up today but the show will stay up for another week or so.
with my 2nd (?) cousin gordon searle and his wife jan.  he's been trying to contact me
for ages - unsuccessfully leaving messages on the landline

chris arrives after a long ride

the pelicans are returning, good to have them around

sunday was WALK WENTWORTH SING - various choirs performing in churches, at
artback and the town hall all afternoon, walking distance.  women in harmony
rehearsed in the gallery so i had them all to myself.  some lovely harmonies

sunday night there was open air cinema at junction park, warwick thornton's new film Darkside.   chris and ian here in front of the funny park feature, a wall of images that
continue the reality of the street behind,  done in woodchip and coloured.

up on the lookout that overlooks the confluence of the rivers

 chris and ian ready to hit the road soon after 7a.m. monday morning

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