Tuesday, 7 April 2020


I'M GETTING A LOT OF THINGS DONE - cooking for the freezer, tidying up the yard, stacks of cuttings to dispose of.  Sewing, knitting and getting work done on Romeo and Juliet.
I'm wondering when i'll finally venture out to the studio and pick up the brushes and oils.   it's a weird thing, the creative process and procrastination.

herb rice

made with
stacks of basil, chives,
spinach and parsley, a
risotto made with white
wine, garlic and parmesan.
it's delicious and the
recipe made heaps. my
freezer is getting stocked

the frangipani has produced one flower, it's been perfuming
the kitchen for days now. reminds me of my study days in
sumatra, when a frangipani on my desk kept me sane,  it was
such an intensive time and so hot, but a deep inhale of the
frangipani and i was ok
 white-plumed honeyeater

the week has been lovely, first heavy rain then warm autumn
days, what a shame we can't be having group barbies

I made annabel crabbe's lemon and olive oil cake recipe,
poured myself a champers
and sat out in the setting sun
on the verandah for a
get together with sue and
derek on the phone.

we talked for two hours!!

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