Tuesday, 17 December 2019


TODAY IS THE BEGINNING of a hot hot week, in the 40's every day till saturday.  I think i'll set up my paints in the loungeroom and work in the house on some self portraits, maybe a small still life.

AFTER THE BARBIE on Sunday i had christmas drinks here, lace tablecloths ironed, three tables set up, the yard all cleaned, house and windows washed.  quite a few people couldn't come so there were about 10 of us and everyone just congregated on the verandah.  it was really warm, about 36 so we needed shade. so
all my ironing was for nought :-(   good to see everyone, martin came even though he'd just had christmas lunch at julie's, sonja's looking terrific.   everyone was gone by 8 and the sunset over the river was beautiful, i sat out for a while with some of the christmas punch

the wrens are 
a daily delight
- there are so many young
one's, so tiny and a soft
light brown, bobbing about
in twos and threes. quite
a few blue ones too

I've been posting old pics of the geelong dance scene in the 60's
and as a result, i've had contact from mary schofield who i think was the secretary of mr. porter, the manager of Brights when we worked there.  she sent me this great old pic of one of the fashion
parades, this is exactly the time of was there, in advertising.

Pauline Blokeeras (?)Mary's second from left, she had the most ravishing glossy mahogany hair, then darling ray, fashion manage maxine in black, till from menswear, lizzie young and margaret clarke.

I'VE FINALLY FINISHED working on my updated website, it's taken weeks and weeks of going through the print drawers, counting work, photographing some, sizing the photos for the web, adding them with all their details, size etc     Worse than bookkeeping!  but it's all set up for sales and i'm happy with the layout now

i'm pleased that i have hi res pics of all the chinese faces i did, i'm going to advertise them as giclee prints


finally got out for a walk,
i've been terrible, have to
get back into it but it
won't be this week
unless i get up super
early.  this beautiful
young kite was sitting
up in the big tree
across the road, it's a
favorite spot for the
kites, they must a good
view from up there.

on the
fallen trees

FACE OFF between willy and kev,  the wagtails nest is only about 1 metre away and they don't let the kingfishers near it, although i'm sure there's nothing in it.

THE FULL MOON has been beautiful, just enough cloud around to give it extra atmosphere

    the yellow rosellas, also a daily delight

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