Wednesday, 1 May 2019


MEMORIES of leaving istanbul on may 1 years ago, it's a very political day there and sunny and i had to get to the airport. all public transport was cancelled in taksim area, riot police were standing across the ends of roads leading into the main thoroughfares, shields and helmets and guns.
we had to set off on foot, susan and sean came too helping with our bags.   fortunately after about 20 minutes we came to the staff of the Marmaris hotel helping their guests get cabs and we managed to get one there.  otherwise i don't see how we would've made our flight. phew! 
A BIG CONTRAST here today, not a soul in sight,grey skies and a bit windy, hoping for rain this afternoon.

this week, a quiet week, gradually getting ready to print (if i can kickstart myself).  i ordered a delicious very large thick sheet of acetate to put on the bed of the press, it looks very inviting :0)

FINISHED - jules's little man cardigan, it's gone off in the post, fingers crossed it's big enough  😟

two tiny visitors
this week, the frogs
are on the kitchen
window every night,
hiding in pot plants
during the day

a female 
variegted fairy
wren in the

it's that gorgeous time of year when the moon comes up over the lock

I'm still watching films of romeo and juliet and gathering reference. i think i'll spend time today seeing if there are any grants i can apply for connected to this project

AT LAST - autumn
colour is appearing
after a record hot
and late summer

morning walk on the island on a beautiful still autumn day

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