Saturday, 23 March 2019


giving out how to vote cards for our local Jane
Macallister, who's running as as independent
with jeremy buckingham's group - fighting for
the health of our environment
WELL TODAY I HAVE BIG HOPES for a change of government, although the alternatives are pretty awful.  Labor with a lots of independents and greens to hold them to account - that could be the best outcome.  i think the Nats will get a clobbering

blue green algal bloom starting to appear at the junction

BENDIGO BANK here in wentworth has given so much support back to the community in $$$ every year. they celebrated 20 years and commissioned me to do a work of art, which i was asked to present at their anniversary evening. it was held on the banks of the darling on a beautiful evening after a hot day

the dinner and
celebration was held at the rowing
club on the 
banks of the

 sam and di
cross, sam
is a founding
member of
the bank

 on Wednesday there was
a gathering of local people
to talk to the Australian
People's Tribunal, who are
travelling up and down the
darling to get first hand
accounts of the state of
the darling.  lots of long
term residents gave sad
accounts of its demise

Clair Bates, barkandji woman and a local artist talked about her childhood on the river when it ran crystal clear, pre-carp.
Marg Whyte talked about her life on the land, when the Anabranch of the DarlingRiver was killed off when government put the water into a pipeline - the local birds and animals died as a result. as marg said they don't move away, they're territorial and they starve and die

The walk down to the forum

the amazing
green in these
photos is caused
by algal bloom
which is starting
to appear on the
Murray as well
as the Darling 
walking to the island -
i thought i'd discovered
a gorgeous new parrot 
until i zoomed in  😂

 it's that time
again - full moon,
and it's been
so beautiful
and varied

during the hot weather this week - mid 30's every day - i've been working on my book

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