Monday, 26 February 2018


I'M SITTING in bed, 4.30 a.m. and i actually feel a bit chilly - so nice.  yesterday, sunday, i woke up to a cool breezy morning and the whole day was just divine, i didn't do much - just enjoyed it. went to two movies, 'black panther' with sonja, she's a big marvel heroes fan. it was a bit all over the place, not my kind of movie.  then 'finding your feet' an annoying and patronising movie about seniors.  still, i like the peace and darkness of being in the cinema.

i'm ordering two windows for the new studio today, after originally looking for a secondhand one.  the builder bruce said 'do yourself a favour and get a quote for a new one.' it was so reasonable i'm getting two so i'll have a great view over the fence into the  trees and across to the river where the sun sets :0)

working away at the book and getting close to finishing but i'm still waiting on comments from the author and publisher.  so there'll be a bit of tweaking i guess

the moon last night

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