Tuesday, 4 November 2014


I'M FEELING GOOD AGAIN after a day of complete exhaustion yesterday.  Started well though, walking out to the point of the junction island again.  i met steve and dog shirley who were on their way back.  i'm going to take a sketchbook with me and make it a morning ritual.  a walk, some tai chi, some drawing then home via the newsagent to do the crossword. sounds like a good wake up plan.
the rest of the day i just flagged after a bus trip into mildura for an appointment and managed to miss the bus home (didn't check the route) so had 1 1/2 hours to kill when i really felt like lying down.   all part of coming back from a big and busy trip.

the hippeastrums are going
crazy out there, and i found
this gorgeous iris out.   I'm
pleased to see a lot of irises
have flowered, i thought
they'd be too covered in

on the walk out
to the point - it's
so untouched and
quiet, a great
place to listen to
birdcalls and try
to learn them.
also watching
the birds, there
are so many

in mildura yesterday - deakin avenue is a mass of purple and wentworth's public plantings are all coming out beautifully too

CUP DAY another walk to the point, this time completely on my own with a coffee, little drawing book and pencils and camera but alas no memory card.  that turned out to be a plus, you look at things in a different way when you're not constantly looking thru a lens.

I FOUND this little
concertina book
in my cupboard full
of journals, it's only
half used, when
i was in china 
with li cunxin. I've
started my daily
drawing exercise,
drawing the
complete opposite
riverbanks from
the junction point,
from the murray
across the lock
to the banks of
the darling. 

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