Wednesday, 23 October 2013


BOY!   the plumbing is really a mess, there's water in a big pool under the house. previous owner wendy's son-in-law paul came round to explain where the septics drain and says the plumbers have joined the toilet and bath plumbing up together - it's all wrong so they're coming this afternoon.  the plumbing here is weird and complicated and dates from before the days when paul was involved with the house.   hope they can work it out without pulling up paving.   it's stressful dealing with all this unfamiliar stuff,   the pump's also giving me trouble again.   the downside of this beautiful place.  very windy today too, so i'm feeling ick!

lucky janet and bevan are here, we're going to trentham estate for lunch.


first we assembled the press in the garage, it's going to be a great workspace, so much room and the benches and shelves that are already there are perfect for printmaking.

bevan was fishing so janet and i took the bottle of moet they'd brought
and went down to the riverbank to celebrate the installation of the
etching press, nothing less than moet would do :0)



the pelicans were 
hanging around waiting
for bevan to catch
something - it didn't
happen though.  the
closest thing to a 
catch was a weird 
dead fish that floated
by - the pelicans were
mesmerised by it -
couldn't take their
eyes off it.

it must have been old - the pelicans had a few goes
at it but shied away, must've been off


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