Saturday, 31 October 2015


SUDDENLY it's the Australian Print Triennial weekend and i haven't blogged since's been full on and it's not over yet. so many great print-makers in town from sydney, melbourne, all over.  great sessions, inspiring speakers, a good cross section of makers, gallery owners, academics - and the whole program has run seamlessly.

i've just been driving in and leaving my car, jumping on the bus provided and going where it takes me, all the sessions are consecutive so no decisions necessary.  just sit back and enjoy :0)  photos to come - i've got my moon boot-free foot up on a saturday night and i'm going to watch fargo

   FRIDAY - WORKSHOPS in the morning, talks in the afternoon at Sunitafe 

   Friday morning workshop - photogravure with silvi glattauer

    afternoon talks then the announcement of the winners of the Print Prize
   reg mombassa (centre) spoke and played later with his brother 
   in their band Dog Trumpet
                       me 'n' rona green

  SATURDAY - into the art vault again and on the magic bus to the arts centre to      begin another day of great activities
    art vault treasures sonja, mia and robert with damon kowarsky

    robyn archer, who sang at the end of her keynote speech - brought tears to
    my eyes  -  with ex De medici and anne someone - i haven't got her name         but she's worked with ex 

                                   a rare glimpse of martin's talk
                              between two big heads in front of me

    damon and kyoko

    sasha grishin, jazmina cininas and deborah klein - human easels for 
    geoffrey ricardo

    SUNDAY  - talks in the morning then a long leisurely lunch on the rolling lawns at julie and kevin's place, fabulous food and lots of great people

                     the sensational stylings of stuart purves - handmade
                     shoes and beautiful handmade brooch

penny byrne belying her years

me and martin - giving him tips for his approaching fleeting visit to istanbul

                 printmaker and sculptor, painter too  Geoffrey Ricardo and Heidi,  they came out
                 to visit me at home too

                             Dog Trumpet played and various artists, printmakers and guests
                             got up to play too.   here's martin with jazmina cininas

    excitement, these two were on the lawn when i got home, mother and young one, a new arrival and
    i'm really excited to have a whole family here

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